Veterans and Mesothelioma

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Veterans and Mesothelioma-VA Claims, Benefits and Support

A background on Mesothelioma

A mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer known to develop in the stomach and lung linings which is quite severe in its malignant state. Majority of positive diagnoses are as a result of getting repeatedly exposed to asbestos. Exposure can either be oral by swallowing asbestos fibers which lodge onto the stomach lining or nasal by breathing in the fibers which get lodged onto the lungs. In rare cases, the fibers may get into the blood and find themselves lodged onto the lining of the heart causing pericardial lining cancer.

Research has found that in all cases, 30% are currently serving or used to be military men and women from the various branches. However, it was further discovered that there was a high correlation between veterans and mesothelioma. The reason why military men and women are more predisposed to this form of cancer is the immense use of asbestos for their infrastructure.

Veterans and Mesothelioma-VA Claims, Benefits and Support

Asbestos is highly heat resistant and is therefore used to insulate military equipment. By lining their ships, tanks, vehicles, aircraft and other infrastructure with asbestos, the risk of them being destroyed by fire was significantly reduced. With the distribution of roles in the military, some ended up being riskier than others like working in the shipyard, ammunition rooms and engine rooms among others. It is for this reason; the veteran affairs (VA) department established the benefits cover for veterans found with ailments caused by asbestos.


The benefits awarded by the Veteran Affairs department for Mesothelioma

The cover provides 100% payout for veterans with mesothelioma among other benefits and support services. The money can help the afflicted pay their house and medical bill as well as cover travel costs when seeking specialized treatment.

The benefits gained from the package include disability checks, pensions, health care and house related benefits.

Under disability compensation, an allowance is given to your dependents in addition to your dispensation.

The pension is given to disabled veterans who are 65 years and older, irreversibly disabled or in a nursing home who have served 90 days of active duty including during wartime.

Veterans can access healthcare by enrolling in the VA health care system. Any veteran can access the cover regardless of current income and there are no restrictions on which doctor to see.

In addition, the benefactor is eligible to be assigned a caregiver depending on the state of their health.


VA Support

The VA also offers support to veterans.One of them is by taking care of funeral expenses in the event of death. Moreover, bereaved family members and dependents may receive the death or survivors pension. The disbursements may vary depending on the state of the survivor.

Dependents can get compensated every month under the dependency and indemnity compensation package. In addition, their healthcare is covered by the VA civilian health and medical program.


The VA claim

The first step to accessing the payout is by filing the VA claim. To complete it, you are required to show evidence that the affliction is a result of exposure to asbestos during military service. Therefore, all medical documentation outlining the history of exposure and level of resulting disability should be presented. Based on the scale designed by the VA, a claim will be eligible for the benefit if the veteran is at least 10% on a 0-100 scale.

In addition, veterans who had been discharged dishonorably were automatically disqualified from getting these benefits. The process can be handled by a trusted VA representative with accreditation, the VA regional office or via the eBenefits program on the internet.

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