Stage 2 Pleural Mesothelioma

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What is Stage 2 Pleural Mesothelioma?

Pleural Mesothelioma is a deadly form of cancer that affects the delicate membrane lining in the thorax. The patient goes through four stages. Stage 2 Pleural Mesothelioma is considered an early stage and it’s characterized by the limited spreading of cancer cells to other areas of the lung tissue, pericardium, diaphragm or lining of the lung. In the USA, three thousand new incidences of this disease are reported every year. The patient usually dies within eighteen months from diagnosis.

Stage 2 Pleural Mesothelioma

Symptoms in Stage 2 Pleural Mesothelioma

In this stage, the cancer settle on one side of the body and the patient often has vague symptoms. As a result of this, the doctor may not suspect the presence of chest cancer unless the symptoms persist. The following are the most common symptoms in stage 2 Mesothelioma
,Shortness of breath (dyspnea), Coughing, Pain when breathing, Chest pain, Fever, Unexplained weight loss
If the patients undergo curative treated in early stages, they will generally have a better opportunity to extend their lives. But this will depend on individual circumstances like cell type, cancer location or even other factors like age, gender and the overall health of the patient.


Symptoms are the ones that lead doctors to make a diagnosis of mesothelioma . Scanning is done to patient’s chest to find the tumors. Then after finding the tumor, the doctors perform various pathology and biopsy tests in order to recognize it as being Mesothelioma. For an accurate diagnosis, the doctors must stage the disease correctly by using a staging system such as TNM system (tumor, node, and metastasis).


In stage 2 pleural Mesothelioma, the doctors are most anxious about controlling and stopping further metastasis. The aim of the treatment is to eliminate tumors as much as possible and prevent Mesothelioma cells from speeding to other sides of the body.
Surgery is the best way to improve the survival time of the patient. However, the type of the surgery to be done may depend on the opinion of the doctor or your specific condition. Depending on the patient’s case, the doctor can recommend either one of the two pleural Mesothelioma surgeries which include: Extrapleural Pneumonectomy surgery or Pleurectomy with Decortication surgery.
After the surgery, chemotherapy is then done which circulates throughout the body and kill off Mesothelioma cells that were left after the surgery. The doctor may also recommend radiation to destroy any leftover cells.

Prognosis of Stage 2 Pleural mesothelioma

Prognosis of Stage 2 Pleural mesothelioma survival possibilities for those in Stage 2 Mesothelioma is considerably better than the majority of patients diagnosed at the late stages. This is because there are more treatment options for them and also have more life expectancy of 19 months so they will have a chance to try other treatments if normal treatment fails.

While pleural Mesothelioma is very treatable if caught at stage 2, this is often not the case due to the very general symptoms it produces, as cancer advances into the later stages, treatment will primarily be focused on improving the patient’s quality of life.

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